Large Water Enclosure

100"L x 50"W x 32"H
Water Depth: 16"
Volume: 200 gallons
Weight: 120+ lbs.

Item Ships as Freight and will start around $550- Contact us for exact shipping charges. Free in person pick up or courier delivery are usually better options.

Shipping for this item must be done via common carrier (freight). Please contact us for a shipping quote or for free local pickup or a courier quote based on your location. •Made in the USA •100% Recycled Materials •UV Protected (can safely be used outside) •Easy to clean - smooth surface •Eliminates turtle stress (Swimming against the glass) •Easy grip access ramp •Chemical resistant •Adapts to instant weather change •Built in water area and land area for basking and nesting •Limited Lifetime warranty for materials and workmanship

wdsTitle: Large Water Enclosure
wdsDesc: 100"L x 50"W x 32"HWater Depth: 16"Volume: 200 gallonsWeight: 120+ lbs.
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Price: $740.00

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