Live Turtles and Tortoises

Our live animal section…

We currently work with over 2 dozen different species of turtles and tortoises and plan to continue building our captive colonies.  Our collection includes Leopards, Stars, Russian, Pancake and Greek Tortoises, Diamondback Terrapins, Black Knob Sawbacks (Northerns), Twist Necks, Pink Belly Sidenecks, 2 species of tropical wood turtles, 4 different types of African Muds and a couple species of Asain turtles too.  As nature allows we will be offering the highest quality, healthy captive bred offspring.  From time to time we will also offer captive adult animals.  Having connections with breeders who often don’t build a storefront like Turtle Towns, we also have access to other turtles and tortoises.  If you are looking for something specific, please contact us.  We will do our best to locate the animal for you.  One thing we promise, is to deliver nothing but the highest quality healthy animals.  We will never sell an animal that we feel is not healthy- that’s a guarantee!

Please note that we do not buy or sell any species native to Pennsylvania, where we operate. It is illegal to take turtles from the wild in PA, and it is also illegal to buy and sell native turtles.  We support these regulations- so please don’t inquire about any PA species!

Also- we do not ship any animals to states where that species is illegal to own.  Know your state’s laws and don’t ask us to ignore them.

We will also buy your captive bred offspring.  Contact us when you have hatchlings!!!

Updated 06-18-2020

Diamondback Terrapins SOLD OUT


Contact us now to get on a waiting list for this year’s crew!  they sell out rather quickly, so contact us today!



Leopard Tortoise 8″+ juvenile male  $675

Friendly but a little shy- well developed captive bred leopard.  Looks like a male for sure.  Over 8″ long now… Nice markings and good personality.


Russian Tortoise Hatchlings Sold Out

We hope to have more soon


Marginated Tortoise Hatchlings $220

2017 hatchlings- ready to go!  A few inches long and growing well.   Awesome tortoise that still stays on the small side.


Hermanns Tortoise Hatchlings Sold Out

We hope to have more soon


5″ captive bred Hilari Sidenecks- $170

Only 1 left of this wonderful animal.  Looks ot be female- but may be too small to tell.  Beautiful turtle.  Growing well and losing their shyness at this size.  One of the most beautiful turtles we work with.



* Tortoises under 4″ SCL are for educational or scientific purposes only and we will ask you to sign a consent form.

** Know your state’s laws… every state is different and we will not ship regulated species to states where posession is not legal, so please don’t ask.  It is YOUR responsibility to know the law.