About Turtle Towns

Turtle Towns was established by Joshua Sukenick, a 20+ year turtle enthusiast.  While simultaneously building a successful architectural practice, Joshua has been working with many different species of turtles and tortoises and has been focused on developing a three pronged approach to make the reptile community a better place.  He feels that you have to start with knowledge, add the best captive care products and habitats, and then develop healthy, happy turtle colonies.  With all three components in place your turtle “towns” will thrive and you will have years of enjoyment.  After years of dreaming about having a place on the web, he now offers all of these in one place.  From beginners to advanced keepers, Turtle Towns offers something for everyone.  For Joshua, keeping turtles has always been a hobby, not a business. He believes in providing the best information, best products, and best turtles and tortoises so that any visitor to Turtle Towns leaves with everything they need.

Joshua is a member of the Turtle Survival Alliance, A Premier Member on The Turtle Forum, member of the Asian Turtle Consortium and Turtle Homes Listserve. He has worked with turtles from all over the world and was a recipient of some turtles from the Kadoorie (Hong Kong) seizure in 2001.