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We are the Northeast Regional Distributor for Waterlandtubs!

  • Mazuri Turtle and Tortoise Food and Other Great Product Too!

    From electrical and safety to filtering and foods, we’ll be constantly adding more to what we offer. We will only carry high quality items that we feel are the best out there. If you order one of our products, you can do so knowing it is going to be of the highest quality.

  • Waterland Tubs Waterland Tubs

    The latest technology in captive reptile breeding. These one of a kind products provide a perfect all-in-one indoor or outdoor habaitat for turtles, tortoises and other reptiles. Water and land areas included in one unit. A complete self-contained turtle town!

    We are the Northeast Regional Distrubtor and handle all sales in the Northeast. We sell to the public, breeders and stores. Please contact us for your specific needs!